EU Energy Rating

The new EU energy rating label means that it will be illegal for manufacturers to make or import vacuum cleaners with a high power consumption and poor cleaning performance. New vacuum motors cannot exceed 1,600 watts from today, and then 900 watts by 2017. The new legislation is for dry Domestic and light commercial vacuums only.

It will be mandatory for all manufacturers to label vacuum cleaner performance, making it easy to compare and understand the energy consumption and performance of the products.

Please note Existing Stock already in the UK is OK until depleted


Vacuums exempt from the legislation are:

  • Battery operated vacuums
  • Wet & dry vacuums
  • Industrial vacuums
  • Wide area vacuums

For full details, please follow the links below:

Eco design requirements for vacuum cleaners (666/2013/EC)
Energy labelling requirements of vacuum cleaners (665/2013/EC)