Workplace Safety

….it’s priceless

Did you know?

  1. The HSE prosecuted 551 cases in 2011 under COSHH regulations.
  2. Fines totalled £18.6 million or £36000 av. per case
  3. It is the employer’s duty to protect the workforce against hazardous materials.
  4. It is our duty as suppliers under the H&S at Work Act to provide equipment fit for purpose.

Safer environment

Nilfisk-CFM industrial vacuums eliminate risks like:

  • Inhalation of dust from hazardous materials
  • direct skin contact with hazardous materials
  • dust explosions
  • accidents caused by floors made slippery from dust
  • accidents caused by insufficiently cleaned tools and machinery

What is more, products and production equipment can be damaged if not properly cleaned and maintained. This adds serious economic damage to the list of potential dust-related hazards.



Explosive Dusts


Combustible dust, gas and an ignition source at the same time is a ticking time bomb!

The ATEX Directive establishes safety principles for protection against the danger of explosion in the presence of flammable gas and/or dust. An important point of the legislation is about removing flammable dust, explaining that only ATEX certified industrial vacuums can be considered the safe cleaning tool whenever an explosion risk occurs.

ATEX Explained!

Hazardous Zones


Would a safety vacuum cleaner be needed? Ask yourself these questions:

Is the material being  being collected hazardous?  either by inhalation, touch or combustible. Have you any static problems present or electricity not allowed in this area? and  would a safe disposal method be required? If the answer is yes to any of the questions then  you would certainly need a safety vacuum cleaner.

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