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Nilfisk SC351 Scrubber Dryer Full Package

(all you need to get cleaning straight out of the box)

 The Nilfisk SC351 battery scrubber dryer has a rotating deck which enables the unit to scrub and dry going either forwards or backwards, with an impressive brush pressure of 27 kg it is a highly effective floor cleaner.

Particularly suitable for cleaning in crowded places, between and behind tables, shelves, furniture and other less accessible areas.

The SC351 adds a new generation of performance to a century of Nilfisk tradition for trusted and reliable cleaning equipment.

    • Rotating deck enables the unit to scrub and dry going either forwards or backwards
    • 27 kg of down pressure for outstanding scrubbing effectiveness
    • Powerful brush motor, better suction performance
    • A re-designed deck ensures reliability and increased performance with low maintenance costs
    • Optima batteries are available offering high productivity, constant performance, lower weight and more environmental friendliness due to the use of less lead
    • Easy deck adjustment for perfect traction control
    • New squeegee system with better airflow, and patented blade retaining system

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