BU500 UK



Nilfisk BU500 UK Burnisher

Ease of use and reliability at competitive price The Nilfisk BU500 burnisher is a 1500rpm belt driven machine. Improved ergonomic features enables ease of use and transportation, such as the NEW ergonomic handle, trip fuse, built-in padholder, 15m cable and robust construction.

The Nilfisk BU500 is perfect for daytime cleaning and can be used in hospitals. Safety button, dead man’s switch, high visibility cable puts the BU500 at the edge of safety.

A metal frame, big wheels, bumpers and gloss paint, all merged together in a modern design gives evidence to the robustness, durability and easy cleaning of the machine. The BU500, easy to use, easy to maintain.

  • Price competitive: extremely competitive on pricing against major competitors
  • Nilfisk Brand: Enables cost savings and complexity reduction -Improved features: cable hook, big wheels, safety, easy cable replacement, ergonomic handle

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