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Nilfisk T40 Industrial 3ph vac

Thanks to its high vacuum, the Nilfisk T40 is the ideal industrial 3ph vac for the collection of heavy material. It can run for many hours without requiring maintenance thanks toa quiet and reliable double stage side channel blower.

The low position of the blower gives it a great stability even when moving on rough floors. An handle runs all around the machine allowing it to be easily manouvered from one work place to another.

Any decreases in filtration efficiency can be monitored with a manometer fitted prominently on the machine promoting the use of the manual filter shaker as and when necessary.An accessory box, a cable and hose/tube holders make the T40 is very ergonomic and simplifies the daily work of the operator.

For L, M and H see hazardous dustsfactsheets.

The Nilfisk T40 is a mobile Industrial vacuum suitable for liquids & solids. It’s available with a 100L or 50L capacity bin or with a gravity unload system (GU) for a disposal Bag.

    •   4 kW side channel blower
    •   Low noise
    •   50 or 100 liters container available
    •   Liquid cut-off system
    •   Gravity unload system with plastic bag or Longopac (“endless bag”)
    •   L or M class filter
    •   Manual filter shaker
    •   Accessories box, cable/hose holders

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